• Pay attention to the weight of the watch. An authentic Breitling has more of a hefty feel due to metal used in the watch. Fake Breitling watches, however, are constructed with cheap plastic and feel much lighter than the genuine Breitling watches.
  • One thing to be wary of when purchasing a pre-owned Breitling watch is the movement. A majority of Breitling watches house mechanical movements. The brand has only made a limited number of watches with quartz movements.


  • When observing the face of the Breitling, one thing to take a close look at is the date window. The date window on an authentic Breitling watch magnifies the date enough for it to take up the whole window. Replica Breitling watches do not magnify the date nearly as much as an authentic Breitling.
  • An authentic Breitling bracelet will have the logo and its construction date stamped on it. If the bracelet is missing this stamp, odds are it's a replica.


  • Unless the Breitling watch is a perpetual or annual calendar, the subdials on the face of the watch should not include the day or month. Many fake Breitling watches display the month and the date, making it clear that it is a replica.
  • Breitling has only produced one watch with an open-heart. That is the Breitling for Bentley Mulliner, and it is worth' a lot! There are only around 25 of these Breitling for Bentley Mulliner watches produced each year, and each one is custom made. If someone is selling a Breitling watch with a visible escapement, chances are the Breitling is a fake.


For more tips on how to distinguish between a real and fake Breitling watch, Breitling source has some great information!

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