How to Videos

So, you bought your luxury watch. Now what? In order to enjoy your watch to the fullest, you will need to know how to perform some basic maintenance, keeping it running optimally between services. These how-to videos will give you some step-by-steps on taking care of your watch.

How To Wind a Watch

Think of winding a manual watch as a way to fill its gas tank. When you wind the watch it helps build the power reserve, so the watch will continue to run. Even if your watch is an automatic, it’s a good idea to wind the watch periodically.

How to Set a Date
(Using a Quickset Function)

Some watches come with a date function. They are typically either set scrolling through 24-hour periods or using a special setting called the quickset. This video will show you how to set a watch date using the quickset function.

How to Choose a Case Size

Every watch looks a little different depending on the size of your wrist or the size of the case. This video will give you a rundown on some things to think about before deciding on your next watch.

How To Change a Bracelet or Strap

You don’t need to buy a new watch to change your look up. Updating the strap or bracelet on your watch or watches can give your watch a new look and new life. You can dress the watch up or down depending on the strap that it’s on. This video will show you how to change them out.

How to Use a Watch Winder

A watch winder is great for an automatic wind watch. Since an automatic wind watch depends on the motion of your wrist to keep it wound, a watch winder is a good tool to use when you aren’t wearing your timepiece.

Anatomy of a Watch

Now you know how to operate your watch and keep it preforming its best. But, do you know the ins and outs of your watch? Check out our watch anatomy page to learn all the basic parts of your watch, and what each of them do.