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    Breitling Navitimer Montbrillant Olympus Calendar Strapwatch Stainless Steel


    To the untrained eye, the Breitling chronograph can appear to be an overcrowded and busy watch (hence its mantra, “Instruments for Professionals”). To those in the know, however, the Breitling watch is a spectacle of exceptional design, teeming with precise information throughout its intricately detailed dial and bezel. Chronographs, slide rules, and tachymeters are common on their Navitimer – one of the best aviation lines in the Swiss watch industry.

    If you are interested in the process of selling your Breitling watch, let Crown & Caliber assist you. We promise to get you the highest possible value for your watch. To receive a quote for your Breitling watch value please fill out our watch quote form here. We promise to get you the highest possible value for your Breitling watch.



    Sell Your breitling: Watch Values

    Breitling Bentley A44362 Watch Value

    Customer Received $6,600

    Breitling Bentley A44362 Watch Value

    Breitling Chronomat B13050 Watch Value

    Customer Received $3,000

    Breitling Chronomat B13050 Watch Value

    Breitling Chronomat Evolution A13356 Watch Value

    Customer Received $2,500

    Breitling Chronomat Evolution A13356 Watch Value
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    Breitling Models We Accept

    Below is an abbreviated list of the most popular Breitling watch models we buy.  This is not an all-inclusive list of the models we accept, but is instead intended for our customer's benefit.  You can get a value and learn how to sell your Breitling watch today.



    • Navitimer 01
    • Navitimer World
    • Navitimer 1461



    • Chronomat 41
    • Chronomat 44
    • Chronomat 44 Flying Fish
    • Chronomat GMT
    • Chronomat Caliber 13
    • Blackbird



    • Superocean 42
    • Superocean 44
    • Superocean Chronograph II
    • Superocean GMT

    • Avenger
    • Super Avenger
    • Avenger SeaWolf
    • Avenger SeaWolf Chrono



    • Transocean
    • Transocean Chronograph



    • Galactic 41
    • Galactic Chronograph II
    • Galactic 36 Automatic
    • Galactic 32
    • Galactic 30
    • Chrono Galactic

    Superocean Heritage

    • Superocean Heritage 46
    • Superocean Heritage 42
    • Superocean Heritage Chronographe

    • Chrono-Matic
    • Chrono-Matic 1461
    • Chrono-Matic 49
    • Chrono-Matic QP



    • Montbrillant 47
    • Montbrillant Datora
    • Montbrillant 01 Limited
    • Montbrillant Legende



    • Colt Chronograph II
    • Colt 44
    • Colt 33



    • Aerospace
    • Airwolf
    • Skyracer
    • Chronospace
    • Chronospace Automatic
    • Emergency


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    About Breitling

    Breitling was founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling. His original goal was to create precision watches for sports, science, and industrial purposes. Little did he know that because the quality of his products his watches would later become a hot item in aviation. The company found initial success in 1915 when it made the first independent chronograph push piece. Although this watch was a hit, it was not as perfect as Breitling wanted it to be and in 1923 the company perfected this system by separating the stop and start functions. This helped solve the problem of resetting clocks for timing purposes. This was also useful for timing sports competitions and calculating flight times. In 1969 the company made one of the greatest horology innovations, the first self-winding chronograph movement. In 1984 Breitling launched its chronograph, the Chronomat, which would later became the company’s most talked about timepiece. Years later, in 2009, the company continued to innovate by releasing the Caliber 01, so far their most precise self-winding chronograph movement. Recently, the company established itself in electronic watch making by releasing an entire range of electronic instruments dedicated solely for aviation.

    Breitling's still maintains its founder’s mission to create precise watches for sports, science, industrial purposes. The aviation models such as the Navitimer gives pilots a varied range of functionality in this complication. Breitling watches are characterized by polished cases and bracelets, as well as large watch faces that are easy to read. Many of its watches feature an automatic winding mechanism, which means there are no electronic components involved. Breitling watches are manufactured in Switzerland and are mostly comprised of Swiss components.

    Two of Breitling’s most popular models are the Breitling Navitimer and the Breitling Emergency. The Navitimer was created in the 1940's and generally used by aircraft pilots. In 1961 Breitling developed a twenty-four hour dial to go into the Navitimer because astronauts were concerned with the time they were losing during space travel. The Emergency contains a radio transmitter for civil aviation which broadcasts on the 121.5 MHz distress frequency. This signal can be picked up within a range of ninety nautical miles by search aircraft flying at 20,000 feet. The Emergency watch design has saved lives in the past. For example, two British Pilots crashed their helicopter in Antarctica. After the crash they turned on their watches’ emergency frequency and soon after they were found.

    Breitling also sponsors aeronautical endeavors, including the first circumnavigation of the globe by balloon. It also has sponsored the fixed-wing jet pack flights of Yves Rossy. The company also sponsors its own aerobatics teams - the Breitling Jet Team and Breitling Wingwalkers. Breitling was a sponsor of Team Bentley during their Le Mans 24 Hours campaign. Breitling also sponsors the Reno Air Race to associate the brands name with aviation.

    Because Breitling is associated with aviation it uses care and precision when developing its watches. The watches are 100% Swiss made. The company has continued to receive highest marks from critics for precision and reliability. The company has made a special building to test each watch and make sure the watches are precise and reliable. Breitling also makes itself different from the competition by using advanced electronics. By having these innovations in its watches it has set a standard for aviation, electronics, and timekeeping. Without Breitling, it is likely that aviation watches would not be where they are today.


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      • WOW!!! If you are looking to sell your watch, Crown and Caliber will exceed your expectations. Donna and Katie are a pleasure to deal with. They are professional and nice too. I was skeptical about dealing my Breitling on the internet. Don't be. Crown and Caliber is the real thing. Thanks for making it so easy.
        Jud R.
      • Great experience and great people to work with. I received a reasonable price for my Breitling Colt Automatic. Thank you Katie and Caitlyn!
        Jack R.
      • Recently sold my Breitling wrist watch with C & C . Entire process from start to finish was smooth and professional . Very satisfied with their offer which was accepted without any pressure . Would definitely recommend them .
        Brad C.
      • I recently sold my Breitling timepiece with Crown and Caliber and was very impressed! Their process was easy and handled very efficiently by Donna and Katie. Within under 2 weeks time I had made my inquiry, received their offer, accepted the offer, sent them my watch (which is done in the same streamlined fashion) and received my check. I would highly recommend them!
        Beth L.
      • I just sold my Breitling with Crown & Caliber and it was a great experience. Great website and service and I received a fair price. Afterwards, I received a handwritten thank-you note. WOW! Definitely recommend!
        Bill S.