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Watch Types

Over the years, watches evolved from being machines to strictly tell time to so much more. Brands began creating different types of watches to meet different needs. These watch types include racing, dive, pilot, vintage, and of course – the classic dress watch.


As man has evolved, so have watches. What started as strictly a machine to help tell time, has turned into much more. Even the dress watch, which used to be time-only, can now feature elegant complications such as the moon phase or calendar. As new eras in history brought about change and innovation, it also brought in new and different types of watches.

There are several different watch types. Each of these watches were created for a specific purpose or to meet a specific need. The dress watch is the standard for beauty in time-telling. A racing watch exudes a cool and well, just looks fast. Dive watches, like their human wearers, are encased in protective layers to preserve the movement. Pilot watches come outfitted with all the tools you need to navigate the skies, and yachting watches, the sea. Then there are vintage watches that hold the past’s secrets and watches that are just great for every day.

No matter your style, there is a watch type that fits your wrist, and this watch types guide will give you some of the ins and outs of each.

Now That You Know About Different Watch Types…

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