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Selling a Patek Philippe watch doesn't need to be stressful when you're dealing with Crown & Caliber. Our expert appraisers are always evaluating pricing data from a range of reliable sources, including forums, auctions, and our marketplace, to determine the most accurate price available. Simply fill out our quote form with the details of the Patek Philippe watch that you would like to sell, and we'll respond with a free quote. Our open and transparent process means that you can trust us to give you the most honest price available when you sell a Patek Philippe watch.

Often considered some of the finest quality timepieces, Patek Philippe watches hold their value better than nearly any other brand. The company typically releases a limited number of pieces of each model, giving them an exclusive feel, and they've been seen on the wrists of many a well-known figure. If you want to sell your Patek Philippe watch, you're likely to see a good return — especially if yours is a rarer model.

Learn more about the history of Patek Philippe and see how it compares to other well-known models on the Crown & Caliber blog, Unwound. You can also learn about complications, watch our latest videos, and read comparison reviews of popular models. Here are a few articles to get you started:

If you're interested in buying a Patek Philippe watch, Crown & Caliber is the place to be. We have a number of excellent quality models in our Patek Philippe watches collection. Sort by model name, size, price, or other criteria to find your next watch.