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When you sell Cartier watches with Crown & Caliber, we'll take the stress out of the whole process. Do it all from home! Fill out the quick form below and in just a few days, our experts will send you a fair and accurate quote. We monitor the markets closely and always give you an honest offer. If you choose to sell your Cartier watch with Crown & Caliber, we'll send you a pre-insured mailing label; once received, our experts will certify and service your Cartier watch, then we'll confirm your payment. Selling Cartier watches has never been easier.

The men's wristwatch was pioneered by Louis Cartier, and the Cartier brand is known for elegance. Depending on the model, age, and condition, Cartier watches can sell for anything from a few thousand dollars to $50,000 or more. The most expensive watches are, naturally, the rarest, elaborate, and complicated.

If you're ready to sell your Cartier watch and want to learn more about what your watch might be worth, we invite you to visit Unwound, the Crown & Caliber blog.

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