Rolex Stainless Steel Green Crystal Milgauss


Gent's Anniversary Edition Stainless Steel Green Crystal "Milgauss"

with Box and Papers

Customer Received $4,570

Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar Retrograde

Patek Philippe

Perpetual Calendar Retrograde

with Box and Papers

Customer Received $54,600

Lady's Cartier 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Tank Americaine


Lady's 18K Yellow Gold Diamond "Tank Americaine"

with Box and Papers

Customer Received $5,600

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Chronograph

Jaeger LeCoultre

Master Compressor Chronograph

with Box and Papers

Customer Received $4,360

Watches We Accept

Looking to sell your watch? Crown & Caliber assists customers in the selling of their used watches, including Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Panerai, Patek Philippe, Cartier and others. Our service makes selling a watch easy and rewarding.

Sell Your Luxury Watch Online with Crown & Caliber

Welcome to Crown & Caliber–the nation’s preferred solution to selling high-end used watches. We provide a trusted approach to ensure you receive the best value for your watch. Our process makes it convenient and rewarding to sell your luxury watch simply and quickly.

We realize that a watch is unlike any other piece of jewelry you own. Whether passed down by a special person or to commemorate a special occasion, your watch may hold significant value well beyond it’s monetary worth. Therefore, we respect all that your watch represents and will endeavor to provide you with the trust and ease that it deserves while providing you with the highest value possible. Our efforts are to ensure that you are receiving top dollar for your timepiece.

If you’re interested in selling a watch online, please contact us or, to determine the value of your timepiece, submit your information to get a quote for your watch.

A Trusted Luxury Watch Buyer: Crown & Caliber in the Press

Selling Your Luxury Watch: The Process

  • Complete
    Quote Form

    Step 1: Click the "Get a Quote" button and provide the necessary information to obtain the quote for the value of your watch. This takes about 30 seconds.

  • Receive Quote

    Step 2: Our team of evaluation experts spends time with each watch, compiling a quote based on the information provided to us.

  • We send you
    a package

    Step 3: We will send you pre-paid and fully insured FedEx shipping materials at our expense.

  • Watchmaker Examines Watch.

    Step 4: Once Crown & Caliber receives your watch, our watchmakers will assess and authenticate your watch. Then, our team will work with you to finalize the worth of your watch.

  • You Get Paid

    Step 5: Once you have accepted our finalized quote for your watch, the payment is processed the next day. Choose between a physical check or ACH direct deposit.

Authorized Watch Selling Experience

We have developed a process for customers that are selling a watch that is safe, quick and easy. Once you request an estimate for your watch, we send you an insured, pre-paid FedEx package that you can send directly from your home. We have a wealth of happy customers who have sold their watches with us. Here are some of their testimonials from selling their watches below. You can also read more watch selling testimonials here.

  • I sold my Audemars to Crown & Caliber and they have great customer service and they are fair. The band was small and missing a 3 links. Funny she said it was sized for a woman. I didn't take it too hard. We stroke up a fair deal and I am happy and pleased with the service. - Damon M.
  • thank you so much to you and the whole crew at CC. I received the check today as you stated. The entire process with CC was nothing short of outstanding. Of course a lot of times we as customers are forced by our current circumstance to have to sell some of our cherished belongings, which is painful. But it is so nice that a place like CC exist, a place that is fair and doesn't rip you off. Although what I received for my watch was far below what I paid for it, it was an honest, fair and generous offer that was 10x above what the local "rip-off" pawn shop offered, so thank you again. My highest recommendation to CC to anyone who wants to sell their fine jewelry. - Marvin J.
  • Just sold a vintage Rolex to Crown and Caliber. I was referred to them by a coworker. The entire process was completed in about a week. It was incredibly efficient and easy. Their website explained everything to me in advance and their communication throughout was excellent. I was never worried about shipping off my expensive watch to strangers based on their reviews and friends' recommendations. If I had another watch to sell, I would use them again without hesitation. - Melissa B.

Watches We Accept

We buy a variety of luxury watch brands, in particular those that have high standards of reliability and performance. Our watch evaluation experts have been in the industry for decades and have bought and sold thousands of watches. Whether you have a Rolex Submariner like James Bond in Dr. No, a Richard Mille like Yohan Blake wore winning his Silver Medal in the 100m or a model that’s been passed down in your family, we provide the safest and easiest way of selling your high-end watch for the best price. Below are just a few of the many watch brands we buy.

One of our favorite brands, Rolex has held a reputation as a leader amongst luxury watch brands since 1905. Rolex watches are consistently characterized by quality, precision and innovation. The company is clearly no stranger to adventure. Rolex watches have seen the summit of Everest and the depths of the Mariana Trench. They have been favored by presidents, including FDR and JFK.

The watchmakers at Rolex have set a precedence of excellence, solidifying the brand's presence worldwide. Rolex watches are often sold, bought or traded because they retain their value over generations. This level of excellence and care is evident in all of their models, including the Explorer I & II, the Sea Dweller and Submariner.

Learn more here if you're interested in selling a Rolex watch.

When Swiss watchmaker Leon Breitling founded Breitling in 1884, he sought to provide the most precise watches to the areas of sports, science and industry. Precision remains the major focus of the brand today. Breitling's popular models include the Navitimer and the Avenger.

Learn more here if you're interested in selling a Breitling watch.

Innovation and precision are landmarks of Swiss watch manufacturer Jaeger LeCoultre. Not only does the company create historically celebrated watches, but they also supply quality parts to other high-end Swiss manufacturers. Look for LeCoultre's technical refinement and innovation in watch collections such as the Reverso and the Master Compressor.

Learn more here if you're interested in selling a Jaeger Lecoultre watch.

Driven by it's pioneering spirit, OMEGA has built a reputation of excellence and innovation. During the company's rich history, it created the first watch to go to the moon, the first diver's watch, and the first official watch of the US Army. Models such as the ConstellationSeamaster, and Speedmaster have been worn by presidents, astronauts and movie stars.

Learn more here if you're interested in selling a Omega watch.

The reputation of Patek Philippe watches is rooted in a rich tradition of skillful workmanship. Since 1839, the watchmakers have been creating innovative, limited production models, equipped with in-house movements. These watches, including the Calatrava, the Nautilus, and the Aquanaut, are beautifully designed and crafted and loved by watch enthusiasts everywhere.

Learn more here if you're interested in selling a Patek Philippe watch.



Our Watch Values

OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Quartz


OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Quartz

with Box & Papers

Customer Received $900

Breitling Galactic A37330 Watch Value


Breitling Galactic A37330 Watch Value

with Box & Papers

Customer Received $850

Our Movement

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Through our partnership with Map International, we have been able to provide medical treatment to many children in third world countries. We thank them for everything they have done and are excited about our partnership with them going forward.