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  • How To Sell Your Luxury Watch Online

    Selling your luxury watch online with Crown & Caliber is an experience, not a transaction. Don’t take it from us, read our Customer Reviews.

    When it comes to selling your watch, there are certainly many options so knowing the best place to sell your luxury watch online is critical. At the core of any successful transaction is the confidence and a certainty that the outcome will be mutually beneficial to both parties. This is especially true if you are selling a valuable timepiece.

    There are many ways to sell or broker your watch online. However, few provide an easy and beneficial solution. Below are some examples of problems you may face when selling your watch online via various sites.

    Ways to Sell Your Watch Online


    Many people choose to go at it alone by selling a watch online through Craigslist.

    Problem: This can be a very dangerous thing. Even if you don’t choose to sell your watch to us, we recommend researching the many news articles pertaining to Craigslist-related crime. You will quickly learn it is not the best website on which to sell watches.

    Solution: When you sell your watch to Crown & Caliber, you never need to leave your home with your luxury timepiece. We send you a prepaid and insured FedEx package. You then can call FedEx for free pick-up at your home or office.


    When selling watches online, some people choose Ebay.

    Problem: Fraudulent transactions have left Ebay buyers wary of purchasing luxury items from individuals that do not have an extensive selling history. This means that if you are not an Ebay power-seller, it is unlikely that an individual will purchase an expensive watch from you. Think about it – would you buy a luxury watch on Ebay from someone that did not have a selling history with positive reviews? In addition, there are numerous scammers out there that will purchase a watch via an online auction, and then allege that such watch was either never received or damaged. Because most online auction companies are buyer friendly, they will tend to side with the buyers, leaving you in an unfortunate predicament.

    Solution: At Crown &Caliber, we make you an offer without the hassles of an auction site like Ebay. In addition, once you sell your watch to us, there is no recourse to you, making Crown & Caliber the best place to sell a luxury watch online.

    Local Jeweler

    Some individuals think a local jeweler is the best place to sell a luxury watch and will attempt to sell their timepiece that way.

    Problem: How do you know you are getting the most money for your watch? The problem with most local jewelry shops is that they are often not staffed with watch experts who know the true value of a high-end watch. As a result, they tend to offer safe (low) offers to ensure they make the most of the transaction. Further, these offers are usually for trade-in or store credit, severely restricting your compensation.

    Solution: At Crown & Caliber, our methodology is different. We evaluate each watch based on our experience. The result: because of our experience, we are able to offer you top dollar. And unlike your local jeweler, we can pay you in all cash – not just store credit.

    Sell a Luxury Watch Online: Watches We Accept

    Interested in selling your watches online? Learn more about just some of the watches you can sell to Crown & Caliber below, or submit your information to receive a quote on the value of your watch today.