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    Colt History & Interesting Facts

    The Breitling Colt comes in three different models: the Colt Chronograph II, the Colt 44, and the Colt 33. Breitling is typically known for its large, rugged watches. However, Breiting takes a small step away from that reputation with the Colt 33. This watch is made for the woman who is seeking to pull off the ultra-sporty character with elegant grace. The Colt 33 has a gemset bezel, adding to the femininity. However, the Colt 33 keeps with the adventurous brand image and is water-resistant to 500 meter. The Colt 44 stays true to the rugged and durable design of Breitling wathces. It offers the best in electronic technology with a SuperQuartzTM caliber ten times more accurate than the standard quartz movements. The Colt 44 is constructed to be water resistant up to a depth of 500 meters and includes glareproofed crystal on both sides. Lastly, the Colt Chronograph II comes equipped with a 1/1oth of a second display, and a 44 mm diameter, keeping consistent with the durability of Breitling watches.

    Colt Watch Images


    Gent's Stainless Steel Breitling "Colt 44" Reference No: A74387


    Gent's Stainless Steel Breitling "Colt" Automatic. Reference No: A17380


    Gent's Stainless Steel Breitling "Colt" Automatic Chronometer. Reference No: A1738011 / B784


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    Famous Wearers of Colt Watches

    Leonardo DeCaprio Breitling Colt

    Leonardo DeCaprio wore a Breitling Colt while filming the movie "Blood Diamond".

    Cal Ripken wearing Breitling Colt.

    Baseball Hall of Famer, Cal Ripken, was often seen wearing a Breitling Colt.

    Colt Prices at Auction

    Colt Breitling Ref. 9755

    Breitling, 1884 Colt Breitling, “1884 Colt Ocean, 300m./1000ft.”, case No. A57035, Ref. 9755

    Sold by Antiquorum on 25-06-2011 for: $564 USD

    Breitiling Colt 1884 Ref. A17035

    Breitiling Colt 1884, “Automatic, 300m 1000ft”, case No. 4831, Ref. A17035

    Sold by Antiquorum on 25-06-2012 for: $2,398 USD

    Breitling, 1884 Ref. A17035

    Breitling, 1884, “Colt, Automatic, 300m/1000 ft”, Ref. A17035

    Sold by Antiquorum on 11-05-2008 for: $1,044 USD

    Reference Numbers

    Colt 33


    Colt 44


    Colt Chronograph II


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