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    Throughout its long and successful past, Breitling has had some major historical moments. A true watch enthusiast wants to know every detail about Breitling. There are several great Breitling books that discuss all of the important moments and products throughout the Breitling history. Each book offer something different, whether it focuses on the history of Breitling or discusses the individual characteristics of each Breitling model.


    Each year, Breitling releases the “Chronolog” which is Breitling’s annual catalog of its watches. The Chronolog is made available to authorized dealers every November. since 1997, Breitling has written a new Chronolog every year that features 190+ pages full of information on every Breitling watch, including detailed pictures. Also included is a timeline of the company history as well as a price list for all Breitling watches and accessories. In 2010, Breitling changed the name of the book from “Chronolog” to “Pure Breitling”. In 2011, Breitling did not release a new edition. When the book returned in 2012, the name was changed back to “Chronolog 2012″. Readers enjoy this book because it includes almost every single Breitling model. Because the book comes from Breitling itself, the information and knowledge is as accurate as possible. The latest Breitling Chronolog can be purchased at any Breitling authorized retailer.

    Breitling Chronolog 2012

    Breitling – The History of a Great Brand of Watches 1884 to Present

    By: Benno Richter

    Another informative Breitling book is “Breitling – The History of a Great Brand of Watches 1884 to Present”. This book is written by Benno Richter and discusses the history of each individual Breitling model as well as the history of the Breitling brand. It also includes a price guide, a list of Breitling model numbers, and many vintage Breitling advertisements. This book discusses the detailed history of Breitling’s 100+ years in business. This is a popular book due to its abundance of Breitling knowledge of both past Breitling watches as well as newer models. Benno Richter is often referred to “the Breiting knower”. Richter is also a watchmaker and is known for his precision and quality. He is a very trusted watch expert so there is no doubt that “Breitling – The History of a Great Brand of Watches 1884 to Present” is a book full of expertise and knowledge. Amazon has some copies for sale here.

    Breitling Collector's Book

    Breitling the Book

    Distributed by Breitling itself, this book discusses every detail of Breitling’s attempt to conquer the skies. The book includes over 450 images as well as original Breitling documents. This book is a vital part of any true Breitling fan’s collection. This book can be purchased here.

    Breitling the Book

    Breitling the Book (Image from watchtime.com)