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    Baume & Mercier "Classima" Strapwatch 18K Yellow Gold

    Baume & Mercier watch sellers have an easy and trusted way to sell their watch, with an expert valuation. Crown & Caliber can assist you in the watch selling process and can promise to help sell your watch for significantly more.

    When looking to sell your Baume & Mercier watch, there are four things to keep in mind: Trust, Ease, Compensation and Reward. If you are looking to sell your Baume & Mercier watch we want to help. Crown & Caliber is the nation’s preferred solution to selling high-end luxury timepieces and is by far the best way to sell your watch.


    Sell Your baume-mercier: Watch Values

    Hampton MVO45225

    Customer Received $1,860

    Hampton MVO45225

    Classima Executives MOA08790

    Customer Received $2,550

    Classima Executives MOA08790

    Capeland 65352

    Customer Received $1,000

    Capeland 65352

    The Process of Selling your baume-mercier Watch

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    Baume & Mercier Models We Accept

    Below is an abbreviated list of the most popular Baume & Mercier models. This is not an all-inclusive list of the models we accept, but is instead intended for our customer’s benefit.


    • 10017
    • 10008
    • 10036
    • 10009
    • 10010
    • 10011
    • 10013
    • 10014
    • 10015
    • 10070
    • 10071
    • 10072
    • 10012
    • 10016
    • 10035
    • 10074
    • 10073



    • 10007
    • 10006
    • 10068
    • 10063
    • 10065
    • 10067
    • 10064
    • 10066
    • 10000
    • 10001
    • 10005
    • 10002
    • 10003
    • 10004
    • 10061
    • 10062


    • 10038
    • 10039
    • 10037
    • 10040
    • 8849
    • 8850
    • 8485
    • 8592
    • 8791
    • 8731
    • 8868
    • 8688
    • 8689
    • 8869
    • 8462
    • 8877
    • 8878
    • 8879
    • 8692
    • 8837
    • 8734
    • 8787
    • 8160
    • 8070


    • 10025
    • 10018
    • 10019
    • 10020
    • 10021
    • 10022
    • 10023
    • 10024
    • 10033
    • 10032
    • 10026
    • 10047
    • 10027
    • 10048
    • 10028
    • 10029
    • 10030
    • 10031

    About Baume & Mercier

    Founded in 1830, the Swiss Luxury watch making company Baume & Mercier has been considered the standard for sport luxury watches in the 20th century. The company has established a name for their brand worldwide because of their commitment to not only excellence, but style. Although the company has experienced recent success, there is more to the Baume & Mercier brand than just precise sport watches.


    Baume & Mercier was founded by the Baume family in the small village of Les Bois. The family was already active in watch making for many years. They originally concentrated on making pocket watches, but in 1844 things changed when Joseph Baume went to England and created business relationships that helped open distant markets in Australia and New Zealand. Currently, their main markets lie in European counties such as Italy, Spain, and France. The company is keen about who sells their watches, and as a result has 220 hand-picked retailers around the world. From this strategy the company has experienced a great deal of success within the watch making world.


    To highlight their success, in 1893 Baume & Mercier timepieces won a timing competition at the Kew-Tedding Observatory with a score of 91.9 out of 100. The market that Baume had developed overseas and the success at competitions helped give the family confidence that they could develop and sell their own luxury watches worldwide with a reputation to back it up. In 1912 William Baume met a jeweler named Paul Mercier at a Geneva watch and jewelry shop. This meeting eventually resulted in the two signing an agreement in November 1918 that established Baume & Mercier as a company. This agreement proved to be a brilliant collaboration for both parties. In 1921 the company was rewarded the coveted Poincon de Geneva, which recognized them for their flawless high-quality timepieces. In 1937 the two figureheads, William Baume and Paul Mercier retired and left the company in the hands of their apprentices, jeweler Constantine de Gorski and master jewel-setter Robert Peron.


    Following World War II, Baume & Mercier concentrated on conventional men's watches, sports chronographs, and lady’s watches. The company was bought shortly after by the Piaget family and subsequently developed their calendar watches with a mini rotor. In 1970 the company began to migrate towards quartz movements, and by the end of 1983 Baume & Mercer ceased production of mechanical watches. In 1988 Piaget sold 60% of the company to Piaget Holding S.A. This portion was then sold to Cartier Monde S.A. in Paris, and by 1993 the Cartier group became sole owners of Baume & Mercier.


    In 2004 Baume & Mercier opened a new development building in Brenets, Switzerland. As a result of expanding their facilities they have again emerged as trendsetters in the watch industry. The company developed modules named "Riviera” and the "Hampton” named after high-society meeting places. These watches immediately gained praise from customers and boosted the Baume & Mercier reputation.


    Throughout the history of Baume & Mercier, the company has gained recognition worldwide. When looking at a Baume & Mercier timepiece it is difficult to refute their fundamental principal, “Accept only perfection, only manufacture watches of the highest quality.” This is what has made Baume & Mercier one of the world's premiere brands.

    Sell Your Baume & Mercier Watch

    Crown & Caliber ensures that you receive top dollar for your watch by offering:

    Fast and Accurate Valuation

    Incredible Compensation

    Unbeatable Customer Service

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      • I saw a watch that interested me on eBay and -- totally coincidentally -- C&C was the seller! I bought that watch for a very fair price. A few days later, the watch was here. It was very well packaged and arrived in impeccable condition -- just as described, which is important. The folks at C&C certainly seem to be in it for the long haul and genuinely value the prospect of establishing long-term clients. I would totally do business with these guys again. Darryn and Hamilton are both top-notch.
        Roscoe R.
      • I sold my watch to this company. I feel I got a fair price and they made it very easy to complete entire transaction. Prompt service and excellent communication. No pressure and pleasant to do business with.
        Larry M.
      • What a class act of a company. Better than promised in all facets of the watch sell and buy via consignment transaction. Absolutely perfectly honest and professional. A 110 our a 100. Thank you!
        Steve H.