Five years ago, we started to notice a change in my father. He wasn't his usual robust self. Looked thin. Less energetic. He was eventually diagnosed with myleofibrosis, a rare type of bone marrow cancer. We watched, as a man who was over six feet and around 200 pounds, waste away to 115. As heartbreaking as all his challenges were, he never stopped fighting, and never lost faith. Stubborn. And full of love for his family. He passed in February. This is his watch.
We believe that watches do more than tell time. They connect us to each other and the history that came before us. Watches are the keepers of memories and hold the stories of their wearers. Inspired by the stories in Matt Hranek's "A Man & His Watch, " we want to hear yours.
We are giving away daily prizes and a grand prize of two OMEGA Speedmasters (a Professional and Reduced) just in time for Father's Day. All posts are moderated; not every post is eligible for entry.
Meet the man behind "A Man & His Watch" as he tells his own story, which includes a sentimental Winnie-the-Pooh timepiece. After you watch Matt's story, be sure to share your own on social media for your chance to win.

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What are Watch Stories?

Watch Stories are real tales shared by real people with a true love for their timepiece. Every watch, whether old or new, has something to say. Your watch is no exception.

Maybe your watch was from someone special, or marks a life-changing occasion. Perhaps it was your first watch, or your grail watch. Whatever your story, we want to know. So, join the conversation.


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Each week we will announce prize winners and all valid entries and winners will be eligible to win the grand prize watch pair of the OMEGA Speedmaster and Speedmaster Reduced.   

Winners will be contacted via the social media platform used to post their story. Posts will be moderated prior to posting to our site, and only public posts are eligible to win. Best of luck!


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NOTE: All posts are moderated before posting to our site.