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    Most people look forward to Fridays because they are the beginning of the weekend. At Crown & Caliber, we look forward to Fridays because of our weekly “Photo Friday” contest!

    Tomorrow is the first day of June, which means that summer is well underway! The theme of today’s contest is going to be luxury watches and your favorite summer activity or destination. You can send in a picture of your watch outdoors, perhaps next to a swimming pool, barbeque grill, or golf club. If you can’t get outside or are having bad weather, you can take a picture of your watch next to an image on a computer screen or in a magazine, maybe of a beach or a lake. Feel free to be creative. Send your picture to our Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, or to photofriday@crownandcaliber.com by 4 p.m. EST. This weekend, fans will be able to vote for their favorite photo and the winner will be announced on Monday! This week’s “Photo Friday” winner will receive an embroidered watch polishing cloth.

    We can’t wait to see everyone’s photos! Good luck and thanks for participating!

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