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  • Hublot’s $5,000,000 Watch

    Earlier this week, we covered Hublot’s $1,000,000 watch, made several years ago. Hublot is planning to outdo itself, though, with a $5,000,000 diamond watch: The $5 Million Dollar Big Bang Tourbillon.

    If you’re asking who would buy it, we’re guessing billionaires. Customers were preordering theirs at its 2012 Baselworld unveiling.

    Each one of the 1,282 diamonds was individually examined to ensure consistency of the overall pattern and color scheme by a team of 17 men and women. What do you think about the watch? Do you believe there is a point at which a watch costs”too much,” and if so, how do you decide where to draw the line?


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    Hamilton Powell

    Hamilton Powell

    Hamilton Powell is the CEO of Crown & Caliber and a frequent contributor to the C&C blog. With a background in private equity and finance, Hamilton has always had an affinity for all lines of vintage watches, with special emphasis on Patek Philippe.
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