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  • Help Us Choose a Winner for Our Father’s Day Themed “Photo Friday”

    As I am sure you all know, Father’s Day is on Sunday! Some will spend the day grilling, relaxing by the pool, or in remembrance of loved ones. For this week’s contest, we asked participants to submit a photo that included their luxury watch and one of the activities they are planning to do on Sunday to celebrate Father’s Day! And from the pictures that everyone sent it, it looks like you all have great plans! Now, we need help deciding the winner. Here are the contestants:

    PicMonkey Collage2

    A. Razz is going to spend the day at a barbeque while wearing his Rolex watch.

    B. Brain plans to spend the day gardening in honor of his Dad, while wearing his Rolex watch.

    C. James is going to celebrate the day by driving around in his Mercedes while wearing his TAG Heuer Carrera.

    D. Robert plans to spend the day with his Bell & Ross watch!

    E. “Watchyougo” is planning to wear his father’s Rolex for Father’s Day weekend.

    F. Michael’s OMEGA Seamaster Pro. Looks like he plan on grilling some fresh seafood  and cedar planked salmon this weekend!


    Thanks again to everyone who participated in this week’s “Photo Friday” contest! Help us pick a winner by submitting your vote on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, or to photofriday@crownandcaliber.com. The winner will be announced Monday morning and will receive a watch polishing cloth!


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