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"It is possible to create a luxury experience online,” Powell said, noting his site has a net promoter score consistently landing in the mid-80s. Powell equates the evolution of online shopping in the watch space being attributed to “pricing transparency, pre- owned legitimacy and online comfort."
Online Retailers begin to Shift Luxury Watch Market
Women's Wear Daily - January 03, 2019
"Our partnership with London Jewelers gives customers an easy and enjoyable avenue to gain real value for what they own, whether that be in compensation, a new watch or a piece of jewelry after trading in."
London Jewelers is Offering a Watch Trade-In Program
National Jeweler - December 19, 2018
"The Chronomat was one of Breitling’s big breakthroughs in the watchmaking industry and remains a flagship model. It also inspired the iconic Navitimer."
7 Luxury Watches to Give the Stylish Guy on Your List This Year
Men's Journal - December 13, 2018
"Our trade-in program is designed for the customer, Within a 20-mile radius of New York City, there are likely hundreds of millions in pre-owned watch inventory sitting on people's dressers or wrists. Our partnership with London Jewelers gives customers an easy and enjoyable avenue to gain real value for what they own..."
London Jewelers and Crown & Caliber Introduce Luxury Watch Trade-In Program
Yahoo Finance - December 13, 2018
"Together, we allow consumers to receive a premium value for their existing timepieces to be used toward the purchase of a brand-new luxury watch."
Watch E-tailers Join Forces to Make It Easier for You to Trade In or Up
Robb Report - November 26, 2018
"I can’t say enough about Tudor,” he adds. “They’ve built a brand in the shadow of Rolex, and it’s absolutely a stand-alone brand. The Black Bay in particular does a great job of pointing to the roots of Tudor."
Crown & Caliber Founder’s Most Investment-Worthy Watches for 2018
JCK - November 20, 2018
"Pre-owned watch seller Crown & Caliber is teaming up with timepiece platform Troverie to enable luxury buyers to trade up their watches."
Crown & Caliber brings pre-owned and new together with Troverie
Luxury Daily - November 18, 2018
"The program offers owners and collectors of high-end timepieces a trusted and accessible avenue to realize immediate value for their unwanted luxury timepieces and trade up for a new watch on Troverie, securing a new, guaranteed authentic luxury timepiece at a fraction of one’s previous out-of-pocket cost."
Crown & Caliber and Troverie Announce Luxury Watch Trade In, Trade Up Program
Yahoo Finance - November 14, 2018
"This was, in many ways, the last great industry that did not have a robust and professional secondary market,” says Powell, pointing to used cars, used furniture, and even used golf clubs."
The Small Dealers Shaping the Vintage Watch Business
Bloomberg - October 25, 2018
"By understanding the genesis of a purposeful watch, it makes one enjoy modern watches much more."
Three Watch Experts Talk About Their First Vintage Watches
Gear Patrol - September 04, 2018
"We got a helping hand from the experts at Crown & Caliber to determine the make and models of 20 timepieces worn by the world's top athletes."
The Most Expensive Watches Worn by the World's Most Elite Athletes
Business Insider - August 21, 2018
"The risk is multiplied in the luxury category because of authenticity, but with watches particularly there’s an added risk of functionality."
Crown & Caliber Is the StockX of Luxury Pre-Owned Watches
The Manual - August 20, 2018
"It's a moment where we remember that there's a beauty to not being so busy, there's a beauty to simplicity and this is actually the last simple thing that I own."
Men around the world are wearing broken watches — but an expert says there's more than one reason why
Business Insider - August 05, 2018
"By buying a pre-owned watch, you're skipping that initial depreciation hit that the original owner has taken."
The 3 Biggest Mistakes Make When Buying a Watch, According to an Expert
Business Insider - August 03, 2018
"Multi-label pre-owned retailers like Crown & Caliber and TrueFacet have caused enough disruption to the marketplace that both industry trade publications like Hodinkee and Revolution have even joined the business."
MB&F Enters the Pre-Owned Watch Business
robb report - July 06, 2018
"Powell says their inventory is moving quickly—an average watch sells in 62 days. Their top-selling timepieces, such as their Rolex Submariners, move in just 15 days."
Crown & Caliber Reveals Its Bestselling Watches for 2018
robb report - July 06, 2018
"Giving a good watch to a parent is like throwing a boomerang—it comes back to you eventually."
Traveler's Dad Whisperer on What to Buy for Father's Day
Conde Nast Traveler - June 13, 2018
"In the ’50s scuba diving really started to boom, so watch companies began to develop dive watches,” says Powell. “Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms is arguably the first watch purposely made for diving."
5 Hot Vintage Watches to Hunt for at JCK Las Vegas 2018
JCK Online - May 29, 2018
"It was loaned to me for this week’s column by my friends at Crown and Caliber, who have a large selection of pre-owned pieces, verified by their team of watchmakers who can not only confirm its authenticity but also perform any necessary service. I also love their one-year warranty, just for peace of mind."
Time and Place: Rolex in Upstate New York
Conde Nast Traveler - May 23, 2018
"The silver lining here is that you can buy relatively new timepieces, made within the last couple decades, at a healthy discount."
Save Money On Three Iconic Luxury Watches By Buying Them Used
gear patrol - May 04, 2018
"Plus, say the experts at Crown & Caliber, a watch can look wonderful in photos but doesn't look great on his specific wrist, so you'll want to "ensure that there is a return policy with purchase.""
How to Choose the Perfect Watch for Your Groom-to-Be
Martha Stewart Weddings - May 03, 2018
" For collectors of aviation watches, this sale, via Crown & Caliber, represents a rare opportunity to join one of the most exclusive watch ownership clubs out there—without first having to stare death in the face."
Only Pilots Who’ve Cheated Death Could Buy This Watch — Until Now
Fortune - April 25, 2018
"It reminds me of not only what happened on the day I ejected but also my dream to become a fighter pilot, the hard work and dedication it took to achieve that dream, and where the incident has taken me since"
Only Pilots Who’ve Cheated Death Could Buy This Watch, Until Now
Bloomberg - April 25, 2018
"Another good deal appeared on Atlanta’s Crown & Caliber website: a Longines Master Collection watch for $2,250, about $1,650 less than a new model. "
The Expert's Guide to Buying a Used Timepiece
The Wall Street Journal - April 18, 2018
"Among the standouts seen at the 2018 watch fairs in Geneva and Basel this year are Rolex's new GMT- Master II in a red and blue colorway known as "Pepsi" (Ellen DeGeneres owns a vintage example), priced at around $9,300 in steel. "I could see that selling for $20,000 to $25,000 easily in the next two to three years" "
How To Make Money on Watch Investing
Hollywood Reporter - April 09, 2018
"3-D printing, computer-generated dial reprints, as well as just the anonymous access to the unwitting consumer through the Internet—that’s really what’s driving a lot of these, the higher quality of these fake watches..."
Buying a Watch Online? This Site Will Make Sure It’s Not a Counterfeit
Men's Journal - April 09, 2018
"We love celebrating any watch with a unique story, and you don’t get much more unique than someone with a Bremont MBI."
Crown & Caliber is Selling a Rare Bremont MBI Ejection Seat Pilot Watch
Robb Report - April 05, 2018
"The trade-in program will enable Jared customers to receive in-store credit, cash or the opportunity to upgrade to a new timepiece based on a quote for the value of their trade-in watch from Crown & Caliber."
Signet Starts Accepting Trade-In Swiss Watches at its Jared Stores
WatchPRO - April 03, 2018
"Until recently, there hasn’t been a reliable marketplace for preowned luxury watches. But Atlanta-based consignor Crown & Caliber is trying to fill that gap with a business model based on high-end car dealerships."
Quality time: Atlanta-based Crown & Caliber is changing the game for preowned luxury watches
Atlanta Magazine - April 01, 2018
"The best of these startups offer authenticity guarantees, respectable warranties and solid return policies, along with servicing by Swiss-trained watchmakers."
The Expert's Guide to Buying a Used Watch
The Wall Street Journal (Digital and Print) - April 18, 2018
"They give every incoming watch a performance test to ensure that it’s the genuine article—and that it’s keeping accurate time. And opening up the watch and inspecting its movement, a part of the standard procedure at Crown & Caliber, is a key to making sure a watch is real."
Buying a Watch Online? This Site Will Make Sure It’s Not a Counterfeit
Men's Journal - April 09, 2018
"Currently, there are more than 2,000 watches listed on the Crown & Caliber marketplace. Every watch is sold with a one-year comprehensive warranty."
Luxury watch company Crown & Caliber moves to north Fulton
Atlanta Journal Constitution - November 21, 2017
"As prices for vintage pieces reach "insane" levels, pre-owned watch dealers pick the hot 2018 models that could one day resell for a windfall."
How to Make Money on Watch Investing
Hollywood Reporter - April 07, 2018
"Guests who are interested in trading in a pre-owned timepiece now have a convenient and trusted solution, along with the opportunity to take advantage of our high-quality selection of timepieces and fine jewelry"
Jared to Offer Luxury Watch Trade-In - April 03, 2018
"Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry is debuting a nationwide program that will allow customers to trade in their luxury watches for either cash or store credit, the retailer announced today. The program is being run in conjunction with Crown & Caliber, an online marketplace for pre-owned timepieces."
Jared Announces Trade-In Program for Luxury Watches
JCK - March 29, 2018
"For some businessmen, a wristwatch is more than a time-telling device. It's a statement. "A watch is the greatest icebreaker there is," says Hamilton Powell, the CEO of Crown & Caliber, an online secondary market for luxury watches."
These are the watches worn by the most powerful CEOs in the world
Business Insider - March 07, 2018
"Equipped with sophisticated pricing algorithms and teams of in-house watchmakers, these e-tailers say it is only a matter of time before brands recognize the sites as allies in the pre-owned watch business."
Watch Brands Confront a Risky Business: The Secondhand Market
New York Times - January 15, 2018
"Crown & Caliber's basic business model is simple. The company accumulates good quality pre-owned watches, checks and verifies them, and then sells them to the consumer with the promise of a much faster and hassle-free buying experience compared to buying direct from another consumer."
How A Pre-Owned Watch Dealer Scaled The Art Of Identifying Fake Luxury Timepieces
Forbes - November 27, 2017
"Increasingly, our clients have expressed a desire to be able to experience our brand in person. It was for that reason we elected to create our new appointment-only retail space in Sandy Springs. It allows us to be closer to the customer so that we can constantly hear from them and thus improve and evolve our experience."
Luxury watch company Crown & Caliber moves to north Fulton
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - November 21, 2017
"In effect, one of Crown & Caliber's unspoken promises to its consumers is that the watches they have for sale are all real. What makes this possible is a system Crown & Caliber has put in place to effectively identify fake watches."
How A Pre-Owned Watch Dealer Scaled The Art Of Identifying Fake Luxury Timepieces
Forbes - November 17, 2017
"The depreciation hit has already been taken by someone else, and if you do decide to sell later on you’ll likely get back roughly what you paid for it ..."
Save Hundreds of Dollars on Pre-Owned Rolexes, Omegas, IWCs and More
Gear Patrol - September 29, 2017
"However, what happens to their product in the pre-owned market can affect the brand’s mainstream image. If this product is dumped on a street corner or sold on eBay, it is bound to have a negative effect on the brand."
Crown & Caliber’s Founder Discusses Trends and Transparency in Pre-Owned Watches
Yahoo Finance - May 13, 2017
"A watch can be real…but can have all sorts of problems on the inside. Water damage, inaccurate timing, borrowed parts, etc. A watch can have over 300 moving parts, so if you are buying a pre-owned watch from someone, you better trust them that they will be there for you if something goes wrong."
Crown & Caliber’s Founder Discusses Trends and Transparency in Pre-Owned Watches
Robb Report - May 03, 2017
"The watch market has been evolving quickly across the board, and a small cluster of digital retail platforms have established themselves as leaders in the category—including Crown & Caliber, a five-year-old Atlanta-based operation with a staff of more than 30 full-time employees (including Swiss-trained watchmakers)."
Crown & Caliber’s Founder Discusses Trends and Transparency in Pre-Owned Watches
Yahoo - May 03, 2017
"...but I’ve been researching it and spoke to the owner and some watch loving friends, and I will almost certainly buy my next watch here."
A New And Better Way To Buy, Sell, Or Collect Fine Watches
Forbes - February 17, 2017
"The watch market is just like the car market was in the Seventies, it’s just starting to mature in terms of preowned. We’re doing what CarMax did, allowing people to shop confidently in the pre-owned market."
A New And Better Way To Buy, Sell, Or Collect Fine Watches
Forbes - February 02, 2017
"They want to be “passionate stewards” for every watch they list and strive to get the very best value for both buyers and sellers alike."
Video Interview With Crown & Caliber Founder Hamilton Powell
A Blog to Watch - December 23, 2016
"The conversations we’ve had with the brands have always been positive. What we’re doing is maintaining their brand integrity in the secondary marketplace."
Hamilton Powell on What Keeps Crown & Caliber Ticking
JCK - November 22, 2016
" Knowing that you’re buying a watch in proper working order with a recently serviced movement offers a peace of mind that traditional online sales often can’t provide."
Crown & Caliber: A Better Way to Buy and Sell Watches
Worn & Wound - September 10, 2015
"As someone who’s gotten burned on watch sales before, something like Crown & Caliber is pretty compelling. While it’s been hard to pry my Apple Watch off my wrist of late, I definitely could strap on a Ploprof if you forced it on me. I’d just miss Siri."
Crown & Caliber Unveils A New Marketplace For Watch Lovers
TechCrunch - September 09, 2015
"Now the company has announced an in-store arrangement with Neiman Marcus. A customer who brings a watch into one of Neiman Marcus’s 41 stores can receive store credit for the equivalent of Crown & Caliber’s valuation plus an additional 15 percent."
Crown & Caliber Joins Forces With Neiman Marcus
New York Times - September 07, 2015
"Department store chain Neiman Marcus is expanding its watch selection through a partnership with luxury timepiece consignor Crown & Caliber."
Neiman Marcus ventures into pre-owned watches with Crown & Caliber collaboration
Luxury Daily - April 13, 2015
"Whether you're someone looking to sell a piece so you can step up to that next level or someone looking to buy your first vintage watch, Crown & Caliber tries to make the process as low-friction as possible. "
Crown & Caliber Founder Hamilton Powell
Hodinkee - March 05, 2014
Internet Retailer Top 1000
Atlanta Business Chronicle Pacesetter Award
Hot 100 Most Innovative E-Tailer