Tips For Finding Your Watch Model Number

General / April 20, 2012

Our Quote Form asks for your watch model number so that we can give you as accurate of a quote as possible. The watch model number is often found on the back or side of your watch, unless it is a Rolex (see below). If you see multiple numbers on your watch, you can use the process of elimination and type each number into Google Images until you see your watch.

Note: If your photos are blurry, we recommend turning on your camera’s Digital Macro setting. This allows you to take close-up pictures without your photos becoming blurry. The digital macro symbol typically looks like this:  Consult your camera’s manual if you need further assistance finding its macro setting.

Here is an example for the location of a model number on the back of a TAG Heuer:

Here is an example for the location of a model number on the back of a Breitling:

Here is an example for the location of a model number on the back of a Breguet:

Breguet Transatlantique Model Number


On a Rolex, the model number (also known as a reference number or style number) is typically a 4-6 digit number that can be found in two ways: (1) on the watch itself, or (2) on the paperwork that came with the Rolex.

1) Finding The Model Number On The Watch Itself

The model number on a Rolex is normally located between the lugs that attach to your watch band. That means you need to remove the watch band to find the model number – which is completely safe, and not as daunting as it may sound. We recommend checking your paperwork for the model number (sometimes called the “Style Number” on a Rolex) before removing your watch band. The model number will be written in between the lugs at the 12 o’clock side of the watch. Do not get this confused with the 6 o’clock side of the watch where there may be a different number (usually the serial number, which is unique).


2) Check your watch’s paperwork for the model number.

If you have your watch’s original paperwork, check the section marked “Style Number.”

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